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After Care

Sterling Silver After Care

With the passage of time sterling silver articles which are worn or handled frequently develop a warm look with a friendly feel. This is called the patina which is produced by oxidation of the metal.

The beauty of sterling silver is that it can be considered as a living material which matures with age as the tactile patina develops.

The patina is created by the natural property of silver to tarnish and get darker as a coating of oxidation covers the metal surface when exposed to light and moisture.

Tarnishing can be prevented by cleaning the article regularly with a silver polishing cloth made of soft material impregnated with chemicals.

If a silver product has been left for a long time and deep tarnishing has occurred then this can be removed by using either silver dip liquid or silver polish wadding.



Fashion Jewellery and Gifts After Care

Each and every JewelAri piece represents the skills of master silversmiths and goldsmiths applied to non-precious metals.

The beauty of a JewelAri piece does not fade with time, however the skilled craftsmanship should be protected with love and care.

Each piece is hand-finished with a combination of Swarovski crystals, pearls and richly coloured enamel and is also either rhodium or gold plated to safe guard its original lustre for many years.

Throughout the whole collection we only use the highest grade alloys, the finest crystals, an extremely high level of hand polishing and plating Nickel safe to the European Standard.